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PROMISE - protection of unaccompanied foreign minors

The project aims to contribute to improving the access of migrant minors and young people to public rights and services under Romanian law, to increase their awareness, involvement in consultative processes and to bring about positive changes in the implementation of existing migration legislation through advocacy, training and legal representation.

25.05.2022 - 24.11.2023

Working together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.

In 2018, the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights has identified the category of unaccompanied minors as being subject to one of the highest risks with regards to the respect of human fundamental right in the field of migration. One out of three children who lives outside his/her country of origin is a refugee, according to UNICEF.


In 2020, the number of unaccompanied minors arriving in Romania reached 980, an almost four-fold increase compared to previous years. It is expected that the number of migrants entering Romania will increase, taking into consideration the fact that in 2020 a number of 34.600 persons tried to enter Romania, while in 2019 there were 6.042 persons and in 2018 there were 2.787 persons. Out of them, up to 15%-20 % are minors.

The project aims to enhance the access for 500 minors and young foreigners to their fundamental rights and to public services, through advocacy services, free legal assistance, information, training. It also aims to increase the capacity of vulnerable groups to be involved in the decision making and consultative process. It aims to support the collaboration between institutions and between the institutions and the foreigners to ensure that the best interest of the child is respected and to improve the policies, legislation, practices, and attitudes.


  • at least 5 competent institutions will become more accountable and transparent by improving their institutional practices and attitudes, thus making them more responsive to the enforcement of the rights of foreign minors;

  • at least 25 cases of unaccompanied minors will be assisted with the support of a network of trained professionals to improve access of foreign minors to quality services and due rights; a network of at least 10 lawyers and jurists will be trained and will help create a positive jurisprudential practice;

  • creation of a Consultative Forum of Immigrants in Romania, composed of up to 10 representatives of migrant communities and up to 12 young migrants, trained and able to represent their communities in terms of respect for their rights and to contribute to creating positive relations with the host society, to report, prevent and address violations including through media/online visibility and participation in policy debates, within 18 months.

Target group

  • final beneficiaries: around 500 minors and young foreigners, mostly aged 12-26. Identification is done in collaboration with IGI, DGASPC, NGOs, migrant community or through social media. The project will also identify the beneficiaries through the access of staff in the 6 open centres, 2 closed centres, 2 integration centres; at least 1,000 migrants will be informed through the campaign about their rights; the most complex cases that require additional intervention of lawyers will be selected for representation; in addition to their representation work, they will be involved in the participation in the Consultative Forum and in the implementation of the Advocacy Campaign.

  • intermediary beneficiaries: lawyers, students of law faculties, representatives of institutions and organisations dealing with minors' issues, parents and legal representatives of unaccompanied minors - approx. 50 persons.


  • number of persons involved in activities of civil society organisations 100;

  • outcome Vulnerable groups have increased capacity;

  • outcome Indicators;

  • number of vulnerable people benefiting from capacity building measures 28;

  • number of beneficiaries of services provided or improved 30;

  • outputs indicators;

  • number of litigation/court actions supported 25;

  • number of people from vulnerable groups mobilised in advocacy on their own needs 28;

  • number of people from vulnerable groups consulted 50;

  • number of new and improved models implemented to address the needs of vulnerable groups 1.

Locations: Timis-Timisoara, Maramures-Baia Mare si Somcuta-Mare, Suceava-Radauti, Giurgiu-Giurgiu, Arad-Arad, Ilfov-Otopeni, Galati-Galati, Constanta-Constanta, Braila-Braila, Tulcea-Tulcea, Vrancea, Bacau, Vaslui, Bucuresti.

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The project is implemented by Terre des hommes Foundation Switzerland in partnership with the Romanian Jesuit Refugee Service Association and receives funding of 149,917.43 euro through the Active Citizens Fund Romania programme (out of which 68,814.99 euro for JRS Romania).

Funder: Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through EEA Grants 2014-2021.

The content of this website does not necessarily represent the official position of the EEA and Norwegian Grants 2014-2021; for more information please visit Information about Active Citizens Fund Romania is available at"

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