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My Place to Integration

Facilitating the integration process of foreigners legally residing in Romania

28.09.2020 - 30.11.2022

Objective: facilitating the integration process of foreigners legally residing in Romania.

General objective: to support the process of effective integration at the level of Region 2 for beneficiaries of a form of protection (BIP) and foreigners, third country nationals (TCN), with a special focus on categories of vulnerable persons or persons with special needs, offering services complementary to those provided by the state and tailored to individual needs.

Activities: information, counselling, material, legal, medical, psychological assistance, employment counselling, as well as social, cultural, recreational, educational activities, Romanian language courses and cultural orientation, at the level of the two regional integration centres existing in the following cities: Galați and Constanta. The project also covers the dissemination of relevant information, the expansion of the network of intercultural mediators and volunteers, as well as the establishment of several collaborations and partnerships at local level.

Results (stage I + II + III):

  • at least 170 BIPs and 425 TCNs informed and counselled, participating in Romanian language and cultural accommodation courses;

  • at least 130 BIP and 425 TCN participating in socio-cultural and recreational activities;

  • at least 85 BPI and 85 TCN with special needs benefiting from health insurance, or settlement of medical services;

  • at least 50 BIPs monitored during the integration programme;

  • at least 55 children benefiting from materials needed in the learning process or from the reimbursement of meal expenses charged in nurseries, kindergartens and afterschool.

Project location: the activities of the project are carried out in the Regional Integration Centres existing in the following cities: Galati (Constructorilor Street nr.1 bis), and Constanta (bd. Mamaia, nr. 13) and at the Regional Contact Point within the Regional Centre for Procedures and Accommodation for Asylum Seekers in Galati (Savinesti str. nr. 2) as well as assisting the BIP and TCN who are resident in the counties of Galati, Constanta, Vrancea, Bacau, Vaslui, Braila, Tulcea.

Role and level of involvement in the project: Applicant.

Total project cost: 4,000,520.78 lei (808,496.35 euro).

Funder: Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.

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