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Ukrainian refugees still need assistance

The following is another account of a Ukrainian refugee family living in Romania. A large number of refugee families received support from non-governmental organizations or from the local population. It is unlikely that these vulnerable individuals would have been able to cope without this support. Eight months after the start of the war, the JRS Romania believes there are still a number of families that require assistance. There are as well still numerous families that have not received yet the assistance they need.

“Prior to the war, I lived in Bucha, a city in the Kyiv region, but I am originally from Donetsk. I remember my friend calling me at 5 am on February 24th to tell me Kyiv airport was under fire. I knew it was the beginning of the war. Trying to think calmly, I decided to act fast since Bucha has an airport, making it an important strategic point for the enemy.

Our plan was to go to Romania as soon as we could gather ourselves to leave the country. Because there was only my mom and me, I had to drive for about 25 hours without changing. I remember that night when we tried to cross the border into Romania from Mukachevo, a town near Halmeu. They created a block post in Mukachevo, and it took us 10 hours to travel 69 km. To get to this place and save their families, most of the mothers drove for no less than 25 hours.

As we crossed the border, we found Romanian hospitality, unlike anything we could ever imagine.

As soon as I registered for the JRS program, I felt relieved and supported. As a result, I had time to find a job and learn the language, as well as to take care of my children. The program and the support I received there were of great importance to me.

I don't want to go back to Ukraine anytime soon. I want to stay in Romania. It is not the first country I have lived in, but it is the first where I feel refreshed and supported.

It means a great deal to me that the JRS is supporting me! I would like to thank the JRS team, who are very supportive and helpful people who do their best to assist us. Whenever possible, they try to brighten our days so that we can believe in tomorrow, and they are very good at caring for our children. I am able to pay for my flat and my mother's medicine thanks to this program provided by JRS. It would be very difficult for me to continue living in Romania without this assistance. Thank you for all that you are doing for us.” #ukrainwar #RefugeesWelcome #refugeesmatters

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