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Pope tells Ukrainians that their pain is his pain

In a letter written nine months after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Pope Francis expresses his sorrow and closeness to "the noble and martyred Ukrainian people."

The letter is addressed to all: to the women, victims of violence, and war widows; to the young men sent to war; to the elderly, left to themselves; and to the volunteers, priests, and government officials.

“In your skies, the sinister roar of explosions and the ominous sound of sirens rumble ceaselessly. Your cities are hammered by bombs as showers of missiles cause death, destruction and pain, hunger, thirst and cold. Many have had to flee your streets, leaving homes and loved ones behind. Alongside your great rivers flow rivers of blood and tears every day.”

"How can one not feel anguish for them and for those, young and old, who have been deported? The pain of Ukrainian mothers is incalculable".

“I continue to stand by you with my heart and prayer and with humanitarian concern that you may feel accompanied, that you may not get used to war, that you may not be left alone today and especially tomorrow when the temptation to forget your suffering will perhaps come.”

“Even in the immense tragedy they are suffering, the Ukrainian people have never been discouraged or given over to self-pity. The world has recognized a bold and strong people, a people who suffer and pray, weep and struggle, resist and hope: a noble and martyred people.”

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