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Maria, a Ukrainian woman, fled to Romania with her children

In today's story, we meet Maria, a mother from Ukraine who took refuge with her children in Romania.

Maria worked as a dentist at a kindergarten in Odessa. Her youngest daughter attends Montessori kindergarten and her eldest attends Primorsky High School. Over time, Odessa's sirens started sounding more frequently, and the children had panic attacks and couldn't sleep. “When alarms and explosions became more frequent in Odessa, the children began to panic and cry often.” So she decided it was time to leave Ukraine.

JRS provided accommodation, financial assistance, and educational activities to Maria's family. Mari would like to be able to work in Romania as a dentist.

“With your support, we live on with the belief that everything will be okay, and that we are not alone!”

Over 80% of Ukrainian refugees are mothers with children. It is still essential for them to receive our assistance, both financially and psychologically.

Stories of courage continue to inspire us.


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