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In search of safety, Irina from Odessa fled to Romania after the war began

Irina was living in Odessa when the war started. She was a swimming coach at a sports club.

“As the war began, Irina was gripped by fear and panic, unsure of what to do next. What would I do? Where would I find shelter, food, and money to support myself?"

Once they decided to leave the country and travel to Romania, they spent a considerable amount of time waiting at the border. However, once they arrived in Romania, their lives did not necessarily improve immediately. They had no choice but to live in a house with eight strangers. At that time, I wished I was back home. I did not have a job, nor did I know how we were able to support ourselves."

Despite this, Irina maintained a positive attitude and was helped by JRS Romania with housing, financial assistance, Romanian language classes, and activities for children. It was a positive change in her life, a small one. In spite of the fact that I am eager to return home, I do not plan to return to Ukraine now or move to another country until the war is over. Here we have support and we are surrounded by people who care for us."

Irina is one of over 80,000 Ukrainian refugees trying to adjust to the new situation and hold on until the long-awaited moment arrives: the end of the war and the return home! Stories of courage continue to inspire us. #ukraine #RefugeesWelcome #refugeesmatters
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