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I am still uncertain about my future

This is the story of one of our many beloved babushkas, Tamara.

As soon as the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, Tamara was one of the first guests we accommodated in our hotel, providing a safe and protective environment where people fleeing the war could regain a sense of normalcy and routine while transitioning to a new life.

Tamara described her stay in the hotel in one word - "Wonderful". It was a place where she felt protected and safe. It was a place where she made friends and was able to form close ties with a community. Nevertheless, she wanted to live autonomously and independently in her own apartment without losing touch with her community, so JRS provided her with housing and financial support.

The life of Tamara seems to have been filled with many different experiences: she has been a professional tailor, a professional dancer leading a whole team, a painter and a nanny. Having retired now, she is enjoying retirement and missing her children and grandchildren.

The best part of having my own apartment is listening to blues and jazz, and walking around the neighborhood for miles on end. My experience in Romania has been very positive. My neighbours love me!”

When asked how she tries to relax, Tamara responds:

“Don’t worry, I don’t party too much! You know, I’ve been to the old town to blues and jazz clubs only four times since I’ve been in Romania. In daylight usually and only once at night!

Overall, I am relaxed, but I am still uncertain about my future. Honestly, I spent most of my time checking news and videos about Ukraine on my phone."

Tamara feels she has everything she needs now in Romania, but she is applying for jobs in order to be even more independent. Besides that, she is trying to help others in the same way she was helped. She wants to give back however she can: “I help people who flee Ukraine and I bring them to JRS”.

She enjoys coming to JRS and feels at home here by now:

“My favorite activity is therapy with Jeni. It is very helpful to be able to communicate my feelings with other people. I would love to have adult dancing classes at JRS, too.

In August, I was worried that everyone at JRS would go on vacation. I was telling everyone “don’t go!” I enjoy being at JRS very much.

In Ukraine, I told all my relatives and children about JRS. My children tell me how lucky I am to have all of you in Romania.

Yes, I am. I am so glad to have met Viktoria and Irene. Thank you, I am grateful.”

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