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The Refugees Radio Maastricht is a new initiative from Refugee Project Maastricht - a community of care by building bridges with people of different backgrounds in order to empower them in Maastricht and beyond. The main goal is to serve as a platform for asylum-seekers to share their own stories, opinions and insights about their experiences. In today's episode, our guests explore a different subject - what an NGO which works with refugees in an Eastern European country does and how it is to work within it. Our guest is Irene Teodor, a project coordinator within JRS Romania. We will talk about practice, legislation, working with asylum-seeker, personal experience in this field.

JRS Romania aims to help refugees regain their dignity, enable them to focus on their future, and reflect constructively on the circumstances of their past. JRS Romania accompanies refugees as they navigate their new home – taking them to appointments, offering counseling, and referring them to needed services. For over 21 years, our mission has been to accompany refugees, provide them with services and advocate for their cause. We offer holistic services (social and legal assistance, education, cultural and educational activities, financial support and accommodation, advocacy and lobbying, research, studies and monitoring, training and seminars, awareness and information campaigns) through various types of projects we carry out, in partnership with European or national organizations.

We assist all categories of refugees and migrants (people with some form of protection, people relocated to Romania, asylum seekers, detainees, marginalized refugees, tolerated, migrants coming for work or studies and others) being present in all open centers in country, as well as in detention centers (8 centers in total). JRS Romania has a night shelter in Bucharest (Pedro Arrupe).

Over 2,000 refugees were assisted in areas such as: social and economic marginalization, detention, integration and reception conditions.

Approximately 30 specialists work permanently to fulfill our mission, being supported by many enthusiastic volunteers of all ages and in all fields.

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