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Good words could be an exceptional support for a refugee person

“February 23 was my last day at work in a dental clinic in Odesa. I was wearing my new working outfit and shoes. I had my make-up on and a fresh haircut. I planned to visit Congress on orthodontics in March. I had so much scheduled for the oncoming year...the next morning I woke up in the middle of the night hearing an extremely loud sound as something exploded, I went back to sleep...only in the morning scrolling through my social media I realized what that explosion was…Shocking! A couple of days took me to settle my mind. The decision came right up. I, my mom, and my pregnant sister-in-law packed in a rush took our children and headed to the Romanian border. Recalling those days, I cannot believe how much courage it took to accomplish this move. All on adrenalin, I guess. But anyway, I’m certain that was essential.

I have never been to Romania before; I didn’t know what to expect. I got a very good impression, met many nice people, and enjoy staying here. I feel safe, I feel protected, I feel supported. I’m planning to prolong our stay here till the end of the war, hope that happens fast. I miss home so much, dreaming to return to Ukraine. We all know our lives are not going to be the same as before February 24th.

I believe in my country, I believe in our people, believe in all the international support. We will defeat the evil, recover and create a future that’s even better.

JRS is truly so much help. Financial aid (monthly allowance and apartment rent compensation), the personal attitude of employees (good words could be outstanding support), and all the activities organized. I feel grateful and appreciate it so much.”

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