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Be a part of our efforts to respond to the needs of mothers and children from Ukraine and to stay close to them

Support Ukrainian children and mothers and give them a Warm Hug

Winter is here and hundreds of thousands of kids are living in cold houses without electricity.

… For a week now, Anna and Krystiyan haven't had any heat. Nor is it light. Their mother hardly cooks them a hot meal on a makeshift stove. Whatever they wear, the cold seeps through. They have nowhere to go, and nearby towns are in the same situation. Their mother, Olena, can't do much to make the situation better, no matter how hard she tries. A petrol generator, however, would make this winter easier for them. You can imagine Anna and Krystiyan going to bed when it is less than 9 degrees Celsius inside. Try to imagine too what Olena feels when she sends her children to bed hungry.   

Will you consider Giving them a Warm Hug … by making a gift?

We humbly ask for your help!


Support Now

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Thank you for your donation!

you can change someone's life for the better

Millions of people have been displaced by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, creating Europe's largest humanitarian crisis since the Second World War. Ukraine's sovereignty is being violated and global security is being challenged, while a widespread humanitarian & displacement crisis is taking a toll on civilians.

Human rights violations and violations of international humanitarian law have been documented in numerous reports and articles. Civilians were killed and injured unlawfully, Ukrainian civilians were forcibly transferred, tortured and raped, unlawfully detained, infrastructure was destroyed, and civilian assistance was blocked. Attacks on populated areas such as hospitals and schools were carried out with inaccurate weapons, "surrender or starve" sieges were carried out on civilians, and cluster munitions were used.


A vulnerable person today receives more than money through your support: you give them your attention, and you give them your kind thoughts. Now, these people know they aren't alone, and that they are understood and supported. 

The support you provide directly affects the lives of those in need!

Your donation has a positive impact on the quality of life of these refugees.

accommodation, financial assistance, and educational activities

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Why to support?

Many people are dying, including children, and even more are at risk due to limited access to food, medicine, adequate housing, and education. Water, electricity, and heating are not available to many people.The support you provide directly affects the lives of those in need!

Your donation has a positive impact on the quality of life of these refugees.

All Videos

All Videos

All Videos
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Supporting fellow Ukrainian women in Romania: Alla's story

Supporting fellow Ukrainian women in Romania: Alla's story

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Art therapy with Ukrainian children: Olena's story

Art therapy with Ukrainian children: Olena's story

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JRS responds to the Ukraine emergency

JRS responds to the Ukraine emergency

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Our Campaings

While winter approaches, Ukraine needs support

both outside and inside the country

JRS Romania is providing immediate humanitarian assistance and emergency assistance to internally displaced Ukrainians and to refugees in Romania .

Refugees are welcomed, protected, and integrated into the response based on strategic objectives that place people at the heart of the response.


Donate NOW to support Ukrainian refugees

Here are a few ways your kindness is bringing comfort to our Ukrainian friends!

We are raising money for emergency needs such as:

  • food, medicine, hygiene kits and warm clothing

  • cash and financial support 

  • gas heaters, power banks and generators

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15,000 families in Ukraine left in the cold and dark need warm clothes, batteries and medicines, worth 900,000 euros

Ukrainian refugees aid.png

Humanitarian aid for refugees in Vinnytsia, Ukraine

war-affected civilians need basic producs, worth 49,000 euros

Donate Ukrainian refugees winter heating JRS.png

Wood for heating

44 Ukrainian refugees in Romania, with disabilities and elderly people need wood for heating this winter, worth 3,000 euros

disable ukrainian refugees romania.png

Humanitarian aid for Ukrainian disabled refugees in Romania

900 Ukrainian refugees need medicines and food, worth 90,000 euros

Images of Gratitude

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the JRS team, Romanians and Ukrainians, has worked tirelessly without sparing any effort to respond to the thousands of needs of the refugees and provide humanitarian assistance. We thank all those who have supported our efforts: individuals, companies, institutions and organisations. 

Thanks to your donations, JRS Romania was able to respond quickly to the needs of thousands of refugees in Romania and deliver vital assistance.

Thanks to your generous support, families from Ukraine are getting the support they need.

JRS team

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

Are you planning to give a warm hug?

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We keep your data confidential. Information is processed according to GDPR rules without disclosing it to third parties. Let us know if you would like your donation to be made public!

You may contact us at if you would like to obtain more details before making a possible donation.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to know how your money is spent.

Find out how you can donate in other ways 

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